Rochefort 8

Rochefort July 26So far, the best beer I’ve tasted, it is so very different from what I think of as beer.

The aroma is very fruity, sort of like walking through a fruit market.  Reminds me a bit of visiting the massive cellars on the fruit farm operated by my great-aunt and uncle.  It’s exceedingly irresistible.


Belgian BeerQuest: Tasting vs. Drinking

stoute-bie-glass sept-17So, there’s a bit of a pattern to my BeerQuest posts.  All of the beers taste like… beer.  Sometimes they’re bitter, sometimes they’re sweet.  I’ll admit, up to this point, I simply take a picture and drink the beer.  I think about the first few sips, maybe the aftertaste.  I get back to my laptop and write what I remember.  Bitter.  A bit sweet.  Finished the glass without choking.



Primus July 22Brewed in Haacht, a very short distance from Leuven, this pale beer starts a bit bitter for my taste.  After a few sips, it becomes very easy to drink.  The head has fine bubbles, which disappear quickly.


Chimay Bleue

Wow, so this was a strong beer!  Strong because it’s 9%, although the taste is quite manageable.  It’s a bit bitter, but still very sip-able.  I understand how the culture here would evolve.  People in Belgium don’t slam back beer – they drink it slowly. And, to add to the warm fuzzies induced by drinking […]

Stella Arteois, first attmpt


I’m so sad about this… the flagship beer of InBev was a huge disappointment.  At least for me, it was too sour and difficult to drink.  To put it into perspective, I’d had a few sangrias already, so my taste buds would have been impaired.