Leuven Botanical Gardens

{gallery}Travel/BE/Leuv_Bot_Gar:::1:2::Polaroids{/gallery} It’s nice when you take a walk, and sort of stumble upon something happening.  Or… less happening than a permanent structure.  It looked like there was some sort of event, but we crashed anyway. 10 Awesomeness points for anyone who is able to get one vegetable from the vegetable garden.  We failed, but the […]


Karmeliet Tripel August 11I’ll admit, this one is a cheat.  This is the second time I’ve tried this beer.  I didn’t post the first time because I was really ashamed of how the beer came out.  I poured it… and had a razor thin head.  So embarrassing. 


Duchesse de Bourgogne

Duchesse de Bourgogne August 18My first Flanders red ale

The colour is deep, almost jewel toned, ruby red.  The head is snow white, though lasts only a few minutes before it reduced by half.  Heavily raspberry scented, with no hint of hops.  I had strong raspberry and currant flavours, with a sweet, almost raisin like aftertaste. It is a touch sour, which is a nice balance to all that sugar.




On a whim, we decided to take off and go to Brugge on August 15, since it’s a holiday here.  A great idea, since the weather was perfect and it seems there’s a lot going on that day in Brugge.

Delerium Tremens

Delerium August 5Out at the farmer’s market, I thought I’d sample a beer at one of the handily located pubs on the Hooverplein.  The pub had mainly selections from InBev.  Instead of going straight for my old standby Hoegaarden, I chose a beer called Delirium Tremens.  Another nice thing about the pub… they serve their beer in freshly washed glasses.  I thought this was a bit of a stereotype, as this is the first time I was handed a wet glass.