Nostalgia for old business models

No Hawking 2

So… this replacement mobile phone I’m using is really bringing me back to the good old days of somewhat connected ‘dumbphones’. Of course, it’s a Samsung, but a methuselah slider model with possibly the slowest internet connectivity, one ring tone and a few sample games. All else must be purchased through your mobile phone subscription or credit card details over the aforementioned super slow internet connection.

Gauloise Blonde

Gauloise BlondeVisually, this beer is a deep gold – identical to the colour of honey. There is a constant stream of extremely fine bubbles. It pours with an extremely tall, rather thick white head. It was the same whether I poured it or the server poured it. This I will credit to the beer, because I have a terrible track record in pouring beer myself. 


Beer Backlog

No, not so much the backlog of drinking beer… but of posting the deliciousness (or sometimes, the missing deliciousness).  There are pics and tasting notes – just to take some time out to write up something decent for each one.  I’ll admit, the last 4 or 5 months have completely lacked in beer-ventures. Hopefully, in […]