As a random surprise, it seems the city celebrates a promise made in 1304 to burn an expensive candle.  The promise is serious enough to warrant a web site.  Some say this is a pledge to the Holy Virgin made by the Flemish wives anxiously looking to get their husbands back from battle, or a pledge to Our Lady of the Pottery (really bad translation, Google!  I have no idea what this means) by Philip of Tiëdi and other Bruges soldiers in return for safe passage home.  Whichever is the case, the procession goes through the city and lasts about 3 hours.  The re-enactment came by us randomly while we were eating lunch.  I have a few pics in the slideshow, though there are better ones available here and here.

We also found the Church of Our Lady Brugge open for visitors.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Filled with artwork, it’s peaceful, despite being busy.

Though I have a lot of pictures here, I’ll still need another visit.  There are a few museums and a brewery I didn’t visit.  It’s one part planning, and one part not visiting on a national holiday.