Brugse Zot Blonde



A flighty white head, with hops and a rather fruity scent.  A bit of apple.   The taste is generally fruity, with fine bubbles and only a touch of hops.  Based on another review, this beer should have decent body, though I found this one almost watery.  It was too light, and for me, the flavour was incomplete.  It hinted at something, but then just went away.  I’ll likely need to try this again. 

Aside from taking their promises very seriously,  the brewer’s web site provides additional insight about the people of Brugge: 

“The legend behind Brugse Zot… 

To welcome Maximilian of Austria to their proud town, the people of Bruges organised a colourful parade of merrymakers and fools. When they asked him at the end of the day to provide money for a new madhouse he replied : ‘Today I have seen nothing but fools. Bruges is already one large madhouse !’ Since then the people of Bruges are called ‘Brugse Zotten’ (fools of Bruges).” 

This is the only beer brewed in the center of the city of Brugge, though I missed visiting the brewery on my first trip.  It’s family run, and produces a few different beers.  Next time, I’ll try this one in the brewery.