Delerium Tremens


I must say, the packaging is really cute.  As is their web site.  According to the bottle, this is a family run brewery, so I felt happy knowing I was supporting a worthy cause.

Lots and lots of foam.  The head is pure white and quite stable. I think the picture shows the rockyness clearly.  And, based on the company site as well, this looks normal for this beer.  Even very carefully pouring the beer cautiously down the side of the glass did nothing to stop this from foaming up immediately.

The scent is a bit hoppy, but crisp.  Flavour-wise, you’ll get the sense of hops with a hint of sweetness.  It’s actually quite mild.  To sum it up, this is a squeaky-clean beer.  The sense of bitterness disappears immediately.  There’s basically no aftertaste.  I know this directly contradicts their own assessment.  My sense of the beer was different.

The problem though, is that this is a strong beer.  Maybe I had not eaten recently enough.  By the end of the bottle, I was left feeling a bit nauseated, which lasted me a good 5-6 hours afterward.  Don’t drink this unless you have some food or nothing else to do that day.