Duchesse de Bourgogne

The texture is full bodied.  You’ll definitely fee this one in your mouth, though it is very smooth.  I barely felt any bubbles. 

I mentioned tasting fruit, so I assumed, based on the taste and colour, that this must be a fruit beer.  That’s what happens when you pick a random recommendation from someone.  Alas… no fruit at all in this brewing. 

As a lambic beer, it is brewed from yeast in the surrounding air, which usually gives a sour flavour.  Also, Flanders red ales are aged in oak for about 18 months, then blended with a younger batch to produce the final beer. 

You’ll find some better images than mine at the brewer’s web site.  If you get a chance to taste a lambic, definitely do it.  A very different experience, and not as ‘funky’, aka kind of gross, as some claim.