Hoegaarden Rosée


Since some beers are red, I thought I’d try one with a name which implies ‘red in colour’.  Oops.. seems I ordered a fruit beer.  Not that it’s such a bad thing, as there are plenty of fruit beers to go around here.  There are no real tasting notes from them.

Well, not exactly.  Kriek (cherry) beers vary in their flavour intensity and the degree to which they actually taste like beer. More on those in new posts.

This beer.. was barely like beer.  In fact, I had difficulty getting a head to form on it, resorting to pouring some of the beer just straight into the glass.  For most beers, that action will result in a ratio of about 75% foam to 25% beer in the glass.  No worries here.  You can see the sorry amount of foam in the picture.  I don’t know Hoegaarden got their picture to look like proper beer.  Also, it seems I should really work on my palate.  They claim flavours which I do not remember being there.

If you don’t like beer,  this one’s for you.  Hoegaarden Rosée is a raspberry beer, with a slight hint of this fruit flavour.  In many ways, it was more like a soda, but less sweet.  The bubbles are a bit distracting, just like in soda.  This one is mild and goes down very easy.  A good choice if you’re out on a Sunday afternoon, as I was.  At 3% alcohol content, one could go through a few of these very easily.