Until I hit a pub where the bartender gets my beer from a tap – a sure way to get proper head.  But his was barely any better.  So, it seems it’s not my fault.  Thanks to a proper Belgian… it seems that if there is even the tiniest amount of detergent left in the glass, no foam for you.  So, it appears to be a combination of pouring skills and a truly squeaky clean glass.  So, I’m 0 for 2 on glasses of Karmeliet, which should probably look like it does on the brewer’s website.  Their pic explains the enormous glass. 

You’ll definitely smell hops, and I found a trace of apple.  Medium body, and a taste of.. wheat or hay?  Just a trace though.  While the beer is very drinkable, it has some sharpness in its long finish.  By drinkable, I mean it’s easy to take another sip.  The flavour is mellow.

Random update at the bottom here… a few nights ago, I gave Karmeliet another shot.  This glass was perfect, and the foam really does take up the entire glass.  Now I’m 1 for 3 for a good glass of Karmeliet.  A rocky start, but worth the extra ‘effort’.