Learn “Alstublieft”

  • Why does this rank higher than “dank u” or “bedankt“?  Of course, we should say thank you, it is only polite.  You can do that in English and I think the meaning will be clear to the person you’re speaking with.  In Flanders, anyway.  Also, dank u is easy to pick up.  Bedankt is reserved for people you know well or are comfortable with.
  • In every interaction at a market, super market, pub or cafe, it will be used.  In a cafe, for example, perhaps you order coffee, alstublieft. The person will tell you how much it is, alstublieft. Then you will hand the money over and say alstublieft, and the person will return the change, alstublieft and finally, you can say dank u.