Nostalgia for old business models


And we once lived in an age where this was it – this was the beginning of internet connectivity on mobiles. It’s sad. Also sad that I remember it. The horrible camera, which now seems designed to prevent its own use. Using the number pad to type.

It’s also giving me nostalgia for Palm devices. Remember Palm? In Canada, we could not get data subscriptions before smartphones really hit the market, but I still loved both of mine (to death) for the productivity enhancements. Prior to the last software ‘update’ on my Tungsten T, the calendar, agenda and note taking applications offered by Palm were the best I’ve ever found. To this day, I still miss that specific calendar application. And the IR keyboard. Good times indeed.

As job search motivation, and so I have an utterly unappealing mobile to bring to places where theft is likely, I’m holding off on replacing my smartphone with a smartphone.