Romania, on leaving


Honestly – Visit the Museum


The local national museum is definitely worth a visit. Coming from a Western country, the Greek and Roman cultures are well known, as we’re sort of required to learn about them. And museum exhibitions are not at all lacking in this area. So this particular part of the museum was not so exciting for me. I understand that the heritage is here, and it’s nice.

The better parts of the museum were in the upper floors. One area tracing Romania’s history in the last few years using various collected artefacts and news clippings. Unfortunately, there were no English translations, so I had to use some similarities between French and Romanian to take a guess at what was happening. Still worth going through, because it gives an impression at least of where Romania is coming from.

My favorite exhibit though, was the massive currency collection from across Europe, spanning many decades. Germany, France Romania, Russia, Poland, Austria and the former Czechoslovakia are represented. In many cases, the collection is surprisingly complete going back the past 100 years. What the government chooses to put on the currency as a representation of the nation speaks volumes about the time periods these bank notes represent. Amazing. 


As it is right now, the government here has some conflicts between the President, Prime Minister and Parliament and the Judiciary which is rather serious. Aside from impacting Romania’s membership in the EU and bid for membership within the Schengen area, the economy is suffering, and these other issues are distracting country’s leaders from tacking the real issues Romanians are facing on a day-to-day basis. 

I’m so sad to leave here. It’s not just the good food, the warm people and lying around on the beach on the week end. I would have liked more interaction with the local people, and maybe to embed myself a bit more to develop a better understanding. Also, the country is huge and there were no long weekends during the last 7 weeks, so it was not really possible to visit other areas of the country.

This means, of course, that I need to return.