No worries though – slept during the 3 hour drive from Bucharest to Constanta. The weather is already significantly better than Belgium (sorry, Belgium). Sunny, hot and humid. The soviet style construction here is really not that ugly. It seems they kept the better looking designs for themselves, because the soviet contribution to China was not so… nice?

Constanta is quite lovely. I can see how this is known as a popular vacation spot. The place is full of older trees, there are large parks everywhere and kilometres of sandy beaches on the Black Sea. The open air restaurants are lovely as well – all of them seem to have full shade for the entire day… and more French style food. Even at the Irish Pub. Finding more Romanian fare is on my to-do list.

So… the place is beautiful and all, but really, Constanta is also known as a party place with lots of bars. Nearly all operations, outside of open-air restos and some pubs move shop from the Constanta city center to Mamaia, which is a strip of land just large enough to house some resorts, night clubs and of course, 8 km of beaches. The strip of land is bordered on one side by the Black Sea and on the other side by a large, artificial lake. Somehow, it is not saltwater at all. I will assume the lake is there to keep residents from the inconvenience of loud house music and drunken beach-goers contaminating their neighbourhood.

Our NPO, affiliated with the Baylor International Paediatric Aids Initiative, is based in a small, efficient clinic serving HIV affected people. These could be patients, families, or children born to HIV+ mothers who, through the help of the foundation, have avoided transmission during child birth.

Looking forward to the work at the Foundation, and checking out Constanta.