Stoute Bie


The beer itself will normally have a deep brown head, with a dark brown, opaque colour.  Unless, of course, I pour it.  I could not get a proper pour.  You can see from the image at the Brijdebie website the normal appearance.  The appearance did not negatively impact the flavour, however.

It has a malty-sweet scent.  Slightly fruity with just a tiny hint of hops. With more head, the scent might have been more distinct.

The taste is light though sweet.  A bit caramel-like.  It is a very light beer, so has almost no mouth-feel.  The carbonation is light, making this beer flatter and smother than most you would taste here.  It’s a decent drinking beer if beer is not your favorite drink.

The beer is extra fun for two reasons.  The image on the bottle has a drunk, slightly angry looking bee leaning on a likely empty barrel of beer.  The name translates into ‘Naughty Bee’.  The brewery has a series of these bee beers – Blonde Bee, Drunk Bee and Naughty Bee.  If I find it, I might try their Helleketelbier, or ‘Hell Cauldron Beer’.  With these names, I’m almost obligated.