Gauloise Blonde

Gauloise BlondeVisually, this beer is a deep gold – identical to the colour of honey. There is a constant stream of extremely fine bubbles. It pours with an extremely tall, rather thick white head. It was the same whether I poured it or the server poured it. This I will credit to the beer, because I have a terrible track record in pouring beer myself. 


Beer Backlog

No, not so much the backlog of drinking beer… but of posting the deliciousness (or sometimes, the missing deliciousness).  There are pics and tasting notes – just to take some time out to write up something decent for each one.  I’ll admit, the last 4 or 5 months have completely lacked in beer-ventures. Hopefully, in […]

Stoute Bie

stoute-bie-bottle sept-17Tried this beer at the suggestion of a really good bartender at De Fiere Margriet.  The pub does not have a web  site,  though I can say it is very small and is located on the Fochplein in Leuven.  If you want  to try beer, this is a great place to go, or even to start.  The menu is numbered, and contains 270 beers.  I tasted Duchese de Bourgogne at this pub, and had the pleasure of tasting the Stoute Bie here as well.  I suspect I’ll be back here.



Karmeliet Tripel August 11I’ll admit, this one is a cheat.  This is the second time I’ve tried this beer.  I didn’t post the first time because I was really ashamed of how the beer came out.  I poured it… and had a razor thin head.  So embarrassing. 


Duchesse de Bourgogne

Duchesse de Bourgogne August 18My first Flanders red ale

The colour is deep, almost jewel toned, ruby red.  The head is snow white, though lasts only a few minutes before it reduced by half.  Heavily raspberry scented, with no hint of hops.  I had strong raspberry and currant flavours, with a sweet, almost raisin like aftertaste. It is a touch sour, which is a nice balance to all that sugar.


Delerium Tremens

Delerium August 5Out at the farmer’s market, I thought I’d sample a beer at one of the handily located pubs on the Hooverplein.  The pub had mainly selections from InBev.  Instead of going straight for my old standby Hoegaarden, I chose a beer called Delirium Tremens.  Another nice thing about the pub… they serve their beer in freshly washed glasses.  I thought this was a bit of a stereotype, as this is the first time I was handed a wet glass.


Rochefort 8

Rochefort July 26So far, the best beer I’ve tasted, it is so very different from what I think of as beer.

The aroma is very fruity, sort of like walking through a fruit market.  Reminds me a bit of visiting the massive cellars on the fruit farm operated by my great-aunt and uncle.  It’s exceedingly irresistible.


Belgian BeerQuest: Tasting vs. Drinking

stoute-bie-glass sept-17So, there’s a bit of a pattern to my BeerQuest posts.  All of the beers taste like… beer.  Sometimes they’re bitter, sometimes they’re sweet.  I’ll admit, up to this point, I simply take a picture and drink the beer.  I think about the first few sips, maybe the aftertaste.  I get back to my laptop and write what I remember.  Bitter.  A bit sweet.  Finished the glass without choking.