Romania, on leaving

Romania 1On the week end, I spent my daytime sunbathing at Modern Beach. I came to know the beach name only in the last few days. I did not notice any signs, but it seems everyone here knows the names of the many beaches around. Some Romanians I know (not here, but abroad) had suggested Venus beach and Saturn beach as nice places to go, but honestly, I was never motivated enough to go 30 minutes away when there’s a perfectly lovely beach right in front of our flat here.



So… What’s in Constanta?


Obviously, the Baylor Foundation branch in Constanta, FBMN is here. In any new place you visit, you’ll come across some pieces of the urban landscape which will make you ask yourself “Why do they need so many _______?” Blank can be filled in from below.


Bacon Popcorn   RomaniaTouched down in Bucharest, Romania, after a less-than-relaxing day and a half of getting my things together and not sleeping so much. After the Vlerick project defense and the crazy last week or so at TE Connectivity, I really could use the sleep.

The junk food here is nice – you can find bacon and bacon flavours in nearly everything. Only got to see a grocery store briefly at this point – there’s one in the airport (handy!).