Werchter Boutique 2012

Wow – so it was hot out that day. Which is great, because it is an outdoor concert, and the weather here has been terrible anyway. It’s nice to get a taste of summer. It was less nice to wake up with the sunburn, but it happens.  I miss summer.

Also nice – I’m accustomed to being over charged for food, drinks, beer, everything. Here, as my Belgian colleague explained, there would simply be a riot should you pay more than 2 Euro for a beer. And the variety of food!! Concert goers here are spoiled, seriously.

And, the opening acts were quite good. What I found strange at first, is the lack of energy in the crowd. I blamed the bands, though Soundgarden and Metallica had the same issue. The crowd in general was not moving until the first encore. Otherwise, people stood around, with plenty of space between them. It was eerie, for a hard rock show. In contrast, the mosh pits here are exceedingly rough. People basically jump around punching each other directly.

On the subject of mosh pits – I got pushed into one during the Metallica set… and came out minus my mobile. No, it didn’t fall. There were other things actually on top of it in my bag, which were still there. The bag itself was small – I had to rely on my Tetris gaming skills to even get everything to fit. It didn’t fall. Theft #2 in Western Europe, out of 0 in Canada, and 0 in India.

While I’m still bitter about losing my phone, the pictures on it and all the contact info, at least going back to the city was easy – the organization of transport out of Werchter was superb. Buses waiting, the queues already set up, just fill and leave.

I’d add a picture, but you know… phone stolen and all.