Yes, I actually like Facebook’s Timeline


The layout could use a bit of work – the two column thing is not so good. Also experienced a recent Timeline #fail when replying to birthday comments. They are not all displayed, and when you go to the summary, commenting is not possible. That bit could seriously be fixed.

The backlash is incredible. The reporting on user complaints has died down, though I do have to admit most of my friends are not so happy when the rollout hits their profile. It’s not so bad. All of the secret shames can be made private or even just deleted.

I’ve been abusing it a bit though – I tend to keep a few links to articles I want to save. I’ll look into solving that back in Belgium.

As a Product Manager, I don’t like the launch plan. Rolling this out to personal profile pages first is too much change, and too much information at once. People are accustomed to having ‘water under the bridge’ in terms of the Facebook profile, and having to edit years of active Facebook usage is a bit much.

Where I miss it the most, is in groups. We tend to share pictures, which are always available, but conversations, links and documents.  The Timeline is a perfect way for the group to keep up with the history, and to let new members get caught up. Once people use it in groups, then it is not so bad to roll it out to personal pages – the change is not so unsettling.